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Q. What is the MOQ?

Normal 40HQ mixed items container,50pcs/module/color.

For new and VIP customer,we accepted 20FCL trial order with mixed items,50pcs/module/color.

Q. What about the quality warranty?

We supply 3 years quality warranty in normal condition using,any damage we can supply new one in next order.

We use 1.2mm metal better than others' in 1.0mm

3 times painting for normal types, and some special types in 5 times painting.

Q. How about the delivery time?

Normal finishes: 15-20days

Special finishes: 25-30days

Q. About the new items?

Luanched new types two times a year, in Mar/Sept.

Q. Can i get some discount on price?

Normally we will give some discount on new cutomers, also the price could be better if your quantity is large.

Wood Guide

We offer our chairs in numerous different wood variations. Most likely you’re not an expert in understanding the different types of wood available to you, that’s why we’re here to help.
This guide will hopefully help you select the best option available for your house, apartment or commercial property.


During the mid 20th century, it began to become popular to make furniture in light woods such as oak and beech. One of the reasons due to easier access to these types of wood and the possibility to realize a desire for a brighter home at an affordable price – as opposed to the visually heavier mahogany furniture, which had previously been popular.
Oak thus provides brighter furniture and fits perfectly into the typical bright Nordic style home. Oak trees are large strong trees, which typically become very old, while the trunk just gets thicker and thicker.
Oak is also a very solid material for making chairs that can last for years. Oak wood can often have a slightly rougher structure with more visible growth rings, which can give the wood a rustic look – while the bright wood ensures a light expression.
Although they are both in the bright end of the scale, oak is slightly darker than beech.


Beech is another of the light woods; a little lighter than oak. Beech has a completely neutral smell; for this reason, it is used to make e.g. cooking spoons, chopping boards and the like, since it does not give off any taste.
Beech offers the very lightest and purest expression of almost all of the wood types.


Ash is a wood species that grows in the northern hemisphere. It is a relatively hard, heavy, and solid type of wood.
It’s a strong type of wood but remains flexible, which makes it ideal for furniture carpentry. Ash wood has light brown heartwood and visible medullary rays.
If you choose your design chair in ash, you’re likely to get a chair in a slightly darker tone than beech or oak, though not being too dark. The wood grain gives character, as is the case with oak.


There are two varieties of walnut trees. The one used for furniture is called Juglans nigra. The walnuts on this type are not as good as the ones from the ordinary walnut tree. This variety grows in places like Asia, the eastern part of North America and in several places in Europe.
The timbered walnut has high flexibility, so it is extremely well suited to bend in the construction of beautiful designer chairs. At the same time, it also provides very sturdy furniture. This may come as a surprise to many, but in addition to furniture design, walnut is used for, among other things, rifle butts; its ability to stand impact makes walnut well sought after and long-lasting.
Furniture made of walnut has depth and character, and just as walnuts are oily and full of flavour, the walnut wood is also saturated and full of character, with a light, pleasant scent.

Technique of Craftsmanship

It has become common for many manufacturers to use multiple pieces of wood which they join together when making their chairs. This not only reduces quality but makes the product unduly heavy.
Our manufacturers have committed to not artificially joining pieces of wood but rather to maintain whole solid pieces of the same kind in order to maintain  the integrity of the product.

Black paint

The black painted surface gives the wood a classy, stylish and clean look. In addition, you can be sure that the surface maintains its quality, whereas the unpainted wood is sometimes affected over the years.
Black-painted chairs provide a less natural expression, but is, in turn, perceived as more stylish by many.

White paint

White-painted chairs are classic and stylish like the black, and they have many of the same characteristics.
If you want to decorate your home in the bright Nordic style, the white chairs are a perfect choice. At the same time, they can help create an impression of more light and space in your room.
It all depends on the size of your home, the rest of the decor – and of course, your personal taste, which of the two will be the best fit.

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